Street scene. Jodhpur, India.

Where is the global outrage?

The aftermath of a police shooting in Rio de Janeiro. Photo by Felipe Araujo.

Beneath our dependency on smartphones lies a seething resentment at what our devices are turning us into

Illustration: Joe Melhuish

At a London CCTV center, operatives monitor thousands of citizens every day. But does the public realize how surveilled they are? And do they care?

Credit: fotologic via flickr/CC BY 2.0

Half my twenties were spent in fear and constant paranoia

Photo: Unsplash

A simpler life might be trendy now, but the Hare Krishna have been doing it for centuries…with a few quirks

Ram Charandas, financial controller of the Hare Krishna temple just off Oxford Street in London, UK. Photo: Felipe Araujo

Carnival belongs to black Brazilians — and they are learning to use it to their advantage

Photo: nateClicks on Flickr

Osman, 65, in his workshop, where for the past 32 years he has melted aluminum cans to make make cooking pots for local women.

Customers can get anything they need to survive a major catastrophe—and business is booming

Lincoln Miles, inspired by America’s survivalist scene, opened his prepper store in 2012. Photo: Felipe Araujo

But are sustainability, simplicity, and spirit enough to live in a 21st century world?

Felipe Araujo

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